What Is Considered for Tax Debt Relief

Finance & Investment Each time a financial debt originating from property mortgage loan is in fact terminated due to shell out, the worthiness acquired through this type of settlement is made to be taxable. However, the inner Revenue Service enables home owners in order to make the most of tax debt relief in this particular situation. Which means that, the owner’s earnings pursuant to get from property foreclosure as well as settlement will never be susceptible to tax. You can do this through independent application or using the guidance of the tax professional as an IRS tax attorney. On the other hand, this specific aspect to consider within debt relief system merely relates to principal residence standing. Any types of financial debt termination of various other residence kind aren’t likely to be regarded inside the tax debt relief program. However, some other kinds of financial obligations which had been terminated or resolved may also be omitted from taxation. For example, your debt have been twenty five thousand following that a debtor has acquired of the negotiation to merely just pay ten thousand. The remainder of the fifteen thousand will become an earning and is also particularly taxable. However, in case this type of negotiation was taken advantage using a personal bankruptcy declaration, stated amount will never be taxed with the tax debt relief plan. Nonetheless, this specific settlement is relevant just to main residence loan problems; personal debt simply cannot obtain any type of pay outs. Declaration of financial distress is another probably prospect for tax relief. Each time a person’s property worth is simply not a lot more than it’s terminated financial obligations, then there isn’t any reason for taxation. This specific individual’s value being poor, meaning you will find truly simply no earnings to begin with for taxation. Therefore in this situation, a tax debt relief is completely just and humane. Debt due to farming engagement may also be eligible for tax debt relief. The government seems to choose farming here, but it’s actually easy to comprehend. Select farming debts whenever specifically useful for farm procedure will never be susceptible to taxes. This runs specifically true in case source of income for the period of time is in fact via farming. Which the foundation of greenbacks due comes from financing company. This specific act of forgiveness from your IRS to farmers is just fitting considering the area of the farmers in providing food. Nonetheless, remember that only certain farming debts might be utilized, personal financial obligations of farmers will never be regarded. As well as be skeptical of tax relief scams. Nevertheless, this actively activly works to the farmer’s benefit because virtually all their earnings come from farming. What exactly is susceptible to tax then might actually be earnings from over and above farming, and terminated financial obligations beyond farming cost. For more information about Tax debt relief,simply visit our website.

One Stop Shop Form For All Your Heavy Vehicle Tax Needs- Form 2290

Form 2290 is one such form, which play dual roles or more. Lets count them later. Form 2290 is a form filed by heavy vehicle drivers and owner operators with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more, using the public highway are mandatory to file and pay tax as per the federal regulations.

Today, we are going to tell you the dual roles played by form 2290.

Filing form 2290:

Let be a heavy vehicle or suspended, you need to file form 2290 before the due date in order to report and register your vehicle VIN. Based on the weight, your vehicle is categorized.

The tax season is approaching in a 15 days, and it is advisable for taxpayers to get ready with their documents. And if you are looking out for some consession with the efiling service fee, Tax2290.com is the best option to narrow down your needs. You can pre file your tax return online now, with utmost ease and avail 10% discount on efiling service fee by applying coupon code “KICKSTART15”

Request A Refund For Already Filed HVUT:

If your heavy vehicle is destroyed, stolen or sold before June 1st or for one that used 5,000 miles or less (7,500 miles or less for agricultural vehicles), a refund for tax paid can be claimed n the subsequent form 2290 filed. Form 8849- schedule 6 can also be used to claim the refund. Go through the form perfectly before you file a claim/ refund.

However, you need to wait till the end of the HVUT tax period to file form 8849. For instance, tax paid for the period July 1, 2014 through June 31st 2015 for a vehicle used 5,000 miles or less during the period, a refund on Form 2290 (or refund on Form 8849) cannot be claimed until after June 30, 2015.

Sale Of Vehicle:

If your vehicle was sold, you as the taxpayer who filed a return previously and pay tax can claim for a credit.

Receiving Schedule 1 Copy Immediately:

When you efile, you are likely to receive schedule 1 copy in minutes, almost right after you transmit your return online. However, if you choose pre filing form 2290, you are likely to transmit your return to the IRS, but you will receive your schedule 1 copy right by the first week of June. And if you have queries building up in your mind, you can feel free to shoot ‘em to us. You can always get in touch with our Tax Experts right through email, phone or even chat. Simply dial 1-866-245-3918 or simply drop in a mail to support@taxexcise.com. We are here for you, for better back-end support.

What If I Don’t File Form 2290:

As per the books of the IRS, you are liable to report form 2290 with penalties and interest, if you’re even late by a day. False filing or fraudulent return will be penalized.

Unsigned Tax Return:

If you submit a return without signing, the return will be sent back to you for signing. Your unsigned return will be considered as filed return.

So what are you wondering? Are you shocked that form 2290 can do so many things at one time? Well, this is it. If you efile/ pre file with Tax2290.com, you can experience a whole new world and file with ease.

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Recent Changes in Rules Relating to the Capital Gains Tax in India

The capital gains tax rate has recently increased from 15% to 20%. Now it combines with the new Health Care Act Investment Tax of 3.8%, which makes the overall rate increase to 23.8%.

If someone intends to sell out his or her stock this year, he or she will have to pay further 8.8% tax on it compared to those who have completed a transaction in the last year.

Now there is certainty about the amount to be paid in taxes. It should be known that the tax rates will not change in the future.

You can calculate it yourself: Now you can do the calculation of your tax to be paid yourself. The capital gains will be taxed at 23.8%. A notable feature in the increased capital gain rate is that now, the leftover capital loss accumulated carryovers are now worth more. It means that capital losses and capital loss carryovers will now trigger a transaction.

Capital gains tax is now exempted to foreign banks converting into subsidiaries:

The government has exempted the foreign banks from paying capital gains tax when their branches are converted into wholly owned subsidiaries in India. This had been a remarkable favor towards the foreign banks done by the Government of India.

The new changes tend to help the companies running in loss:

The changes in the capital gains tax rules regarding the decrease or cancellation of debt aims to provide tangible tax relief to companies in financial crisis.

The change in the taxation laws reduces the capital gains tax liability initiated by the cancellation or the reduction of debt.

Previously the reduction or cancellation would have initiated an immediate capital gains tax, but the recent changes have given the opportunity to lower down the cost of an asset on which capital gains tax are going to be levied.

There are many instances where the tax burden had been decreased.

The amendment in TDS provisions as proposed by the Budget 2012-13:

In Budget 2012 some minute changes has been made in the rates of Tex Deducted at Source (TDS) and cut off amounts. But at the same time some new items have also been introduced on which TDS is required to be deducted.

Section 194LC has been introduced in the Income Tax Act. It is a new section in the Income-tax Act w.e.f. 1-7-2012. It deals with the deduction of tax at the concessional rate of 5% along with surcharge on interest paid to a non-resident, other than a foreign company. This interest relates to any sum borrowed by any Indian company from the nonresident on or after 1-7-2012 but prior to 1-7-2015 in foreign currency from a source outside India. This borrowing requires being under a loan agreement or through an issue of long-term infrastructure bonds approved by the Central Government. Moreover the rate of interest should not be more than that approved by the Government of India norms.

ITR Today is growing as a leading website to provide updates on filing taxes online, income tax forms and service tax forums. Get your tax related queries answered by our income tax consultants.

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Service Tax on Ocean Freight- Law And Impact


Deletions from Section 66D (“Negative list”) has become an annual exercise as part of the Finance Bill. This year, three services were removed from the Negative list. Amongst such deletions is the service of transportation of goods from outside India to first customs station in India. The article discusses the law relating to levy of Service Tax on such services post 1.6.2016 and implications thereof on various transactions.

Levy of Service Tax on transportation of goods prior to 01.6.2016

Service of transportation of goods from India to outside India and vice versa was nontaxable prior to 01.06.2016. The non-levy was because of Rule 10 of Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012 read with Clause (p)(ii) of Negative list. In brief Rule 10 of Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012 provides that place of provision of a service of transportation of goods is the place of destination of goods, except in the case of services provided by a Goods Transportation Agency in respect of transportation of goods by road, in which case the place of provision is the location of the person liable to pay tax (as determined in terms of rule 2(1)(d) of Service Tax Rules, 1994 (since amended). For eg. A consignment of computers is consigned from Mumbai to Shanghai. The place of provision of goods transportation service will be the destination of goods viz., Shanghai. Since the destination is outside taxable territory, such services of transportation is not liable to service tax. Conversely, if a consignment of machines is consigned from Berlin to New Delhi, the place of provision of such service will be New Delhi.

Thus, service of transportation to destination outside taxable territory is a non taxable service and conversely, service of transportation to destination in taxable territory is taxable and Service Tax shall be levied accordingly. However, while as per Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012, such service of transportation of imports into taxable territory was taxable, such services were listed in negative list. Accordingly, even transportation of goods in case of imports also good out of the purview of Service Tax. Accordingly, no Service Tax could be levied on Ocean freight and air freight paid for import of goods prior to 01.6.2016.

Levy of Customs Duty on services of transportation in case of imports

Primary reason of inclusion of such transportation in negative list was that since such value of ocean freight is already included in the value for the purpose of levy of Customs Duty thus, levying Service Tax would be levy of two taxes on same value. Section 14of Customs Duty Act, provides that for the purposes of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 (51 of 1975), the value of the imported goods and export goods shall be the transaction value of such goods, that is to say, the price actually paid or payable for the goods when sold for export to India for delivery at the time and place of importation, where the buyer and seller of the goods are not related and price is the sole consideration for the sale. The Section further provides that such transaction value in the case of imported goods shall include, in addition to the price as aforesaid, any amount paid or payable for costs and services, including commissions and brokerage, engineering, design work, royalties and licence fees, costs of transportation to the place of importation, insurance, loading, unloading and handling charges to the extent and in the manner specified in the rules made in this behalf. Accordingly, Rule 10 of Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Imported Goods) Rules, 2007 provides that in determining the transaction value, there shall be added to the price actually paid or payable for the imported goods

Service Tax on Ocean Freight – Law and impact is written by CA Gaurav Gupta.Though the levy has lead to a situation of double taxation, still, compliance under Service Tax is required and should not be left under the belief that Customs duty is levied on such value.

Signature Tax Service Professional Help to Resolve Tax Claims

As a consumer, you consume many products and services, on which you have to pay a fee or are levied with charges by Government in form of “Tax”. Majority of taxpayers usually fail to file tax returns, due to insufficient funds to settle down the balance on the tax return. Some people may fail to file the returns in the first attempt and may delay with the payments which may result in huge penalties and claims form the IRS department. Many business owners commit innocent mistakes like inaccurate tax calculations by untrained staff, unawareness towards the constant changing laws, which confronts them with heavy financial losses. Dealing with a tax problem on your own, is not a good idea. If you are facing a tax issue you need to hire professional help of a Tax resolution firm which can provide you with expertise Tax Service to resolve Tax problems.

Signature Tax Services US is one of renowned tax resolution firm, comprised with professional Tax Attorneys efficient enough to handle the claims and concerns of IRS department. Tax experts have the authority to demand a client’s record from the IRS and help you to rebuild your tax information and records. In order to settle down your claims with IRS you need accurate, honest and acceptable tax returns which may save you from incurring heavy financial losses. Our skilled and licensed tax consultants offer tax services to resolve Tax problems even in the outmost emergency circumstances. You need Signature Tax Service of a proficient tax attorney to negotiate with the IRS and state revenue departments which may require a large bundle of documents, forms and financial records to resolve your tax claims. The team of our tax attorneys specializes in handling the IRS controversies, and helps you to navigate through the process and resolve your claims incurred by IRS department.

The IRS and state Revenue Department can be demanding when asking a taxpayer to pay his liabilities to the organization. The IRS may demand full payment of your back taxes along with penalties which may be higher than the expected amount, one may not afford. The IRS Department has limited rights, Signature Tax service by tax attorneys will guide you to understand your rights related to the tax issues. We can help you with filing back your tax returns. The expert legal and tax professionals can help you in accurate preparation of returns which will minimize the risk of audit, enforced collection of tax claims and defend you criminal prosecution by IRS.

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Tax Preparation Has Become Simpler With Intuit Tax

For the taxes preparation and filing the taxes returns, Intuit developed software for businesses and enterprises to let them manage taxes returns efficiently. There are millions of users globally who operate their taxation with Intuit tax software solution. Intuit is world’s no.1 cloud taxation software solution. The software is a suite of accounting solutions and ERP for making the taxes returns quicker. With the help of taxation softwares, the process of taxes return has become simpler and easier. The easy application makes quick filing of the taxes and reduces the manual process of paper based filing. The manual process of taxes filing needs paperwork to be done which requires more time by users to make the taxes filing. The manual taxes filing was complex task which accountants had to work overtime to make taxes filing for multiple customers and businesses. Tax software has lot of features that makes the application efficient for small and medium enterprises. ProSeries is the best solution of tax filing for personal and professional purpose. Users or firms can file the taxes returns for federal, state or local tax submission for any number of times in a year.

Intuit Tax software:

Intuit offers free trial version of tax application to learn the application before using the system. It can be installed on any device and users can learn the product anytime. The trial version allows less knowledged users to become a good learner of the application. The trial is free for 30 days from the date of installation so users should get most benefit of learning while webinars, video portals are running all the time online that can be accessed anytime. The tax software is compatible solution to most devices so users have freedom to install on any system such as smartphone, laptop, tablet and computer. It’s quick and simple to install the free software application on any preferred device and get access to learning the application. Multiple users can collaborate on the real time tax application to make the tax solution simplified. All users of the firm can collaborate on the hosted solution and make tax return executed. Intuit Tax is easy, quick and fast processing software which makes easy filing of the taxes and on time. Company owners have no burdens of tax preparation and they can rest assured when they have tax solution with them. Customer can purchase the license from Intuit and get discount as new customer on new product.

Along with the license purchase, customers also get free expert tips to easily file the tax returns. The hosting of Intuit tax software on cloud and desktop are two options which customers can select to make the tax return process done. Tax solution on cloud hosting is a new solution hosted online on remote servers. Desktop hosting of the application is traditional approach that lets users prepare the tax. Cloud hosting is a low cost solution offered by hosting providers on subscriptions. The subscription feature is easy on cash management and customers get security, backups and support services.

I am Jim Colson, a professional Content writer in Sagenext Infotech LLC. I have penoptic experience in writing about Intuit Tax Online , Tax Software Hosting , and Drake Cloud .

Use QuickBooks ProConnect & Self-Employed Tax Tool to Simplify Your Bookkeeping (1)

QuickBooks Online Comes Powered by ProConnect Tax Online to Ensure Efficiency in Taxation
Taking a step further, Intuit has integrated ProConnect™ Tax Online (PTO) into its QuickBooks Online to give a new edge to the overall business accounting. It has brought in a unified platform for the businesses to practice all the key elements such as bookkeeping, taxes, income & expenditure management, and many more. With estimated more than 2 million QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscribers in the coming years, Intuit is quite excited to provide its customer with a unified platform that can establish a reliable accounting mechanism for a better and more accurate bookkeeping practice.

When it comes to meeting taxation requirement, the accounting professionals try to draw on a system that can help them handle all the complexities and technical elements accurately and efficiently. You may experience some sorts of difficulties if you have insufficient accounting system – but Intuit, with the newly integration with ProConnect Tax Online system, ensures a simplified dashboard and execution level that you can utilize to maintain the workflow all the time. Read more at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/quickbooks-online-comes-powered-proconnect-tax-ensure-alvin-johnson?published=t

2. QuickBooks Enterprise Self-Employed Tax Tool: A Smarter Way to Untangle Your Business Books

Taking the bookkeeping professionals by surprise, Intuit birthed a new smarter tool for the small businesses, termed as QuickBooks Self-Employed, which they can use to simplify the tax calculation and deductions. It is being termed to a driving force behind the way how the professionals handle and manage their finance. Unlike Turbo Tax, the new tax calculation software is quietly intended to streamline both the business and personal finances. Most of the small business owners mingle their personal banking transactions with the business books – which lastly cause inconveniences in the way how the bookkeeping is executed properly.

Presently, the software has been advanced with some powerful estimated tax quarterly calculator that provides the enterprise users with a widespread opportunity to manage their business expenses and calculating taxes. It combines some new tools such as deduction tracker, invoicing, tax calculator, reports, and other related documents. Read more at https://technicalsupportquickbooks.com/quickbooks-enterprise-self-employed-tax-tool/

You can also find relevant technical support links on QuickBooks by visiting www.technicalsupportquickbooks.com or get direct technical support from official website for QuickBooks.

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